My professional training began with attending Lewis & Clark College, graduating in 2008 with Master Degree in Counseling Psychology.  I completed a three-year internship at the Sexual & Gender Minority Youth Resource Center in Portland, OR, where I became passionate about working with individuals of various gender expressions.  There, I founded and facilitated the Hormone Readiness Group for trans-youth.

After my Master's program I decided to pursue a Doctor of Clinical Psychology degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute, which I attained in 2014.  My passion working with transgender identified individuals fostered an interest in clinical research leading to the publication of my dissertation"Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Projective Drawings of Pre-Operative Male-to-Female Transgendered Individuals Perception of Their Genitalia."

Over the course of my career I’ve written on topics of sexuality, intimacy, relationships, sexual orientation, and gender identity under the Naked Blog, and have completed certification training program at the University of Michigan School of Social Work in Sex Therapy. 

My most recent work includes writing and contributing to Male-to-Female and Female-to-Male transgender courses, offered by the online training program Loveology University®, providing an overview of the transgender experience.  These courses have been added to Loveology University's® comprehensive coaching curriculum: http://www.loveuniv.com/.  Additionally, I have been featured as a speaker on current transgender issues at Empowered Trans Woman Summit.

Currently, I’m the founder and facilitator of the Transition & Beyond support group for transwomen in LA.  I hold a license in clinical psychology in the state of California (PSY28888) and I’m a member of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

On a more personal level, I was born and spent most of my childhood in Uzbekistan. In 1994, my parents decided to move to the U.S. so that my siblings and I could have an opportunity of a better education.   At the age of sixteen, life threw a curve ball at me and I was diagnosed with cancer.  Battling cancer is perhaps the biggest struggle I’ve had to overcome and it taught me the fragility of human life and our inner potential to persevere.  From these events, I learned about the humility and beauty of healing and my passion for psychology and my life path in helping others were born.