DR Z  have been featured as a speaker on current issues related to Gender Care and Transgender Mental Health.  Recently, she has delivered a talk at The 2017 Empowered Trans Woman Online Summit, featuring outstanding, prominent trans women and trans-focused professionals. The Summit is meant as a tool & resource for all trans women and gender-questioning AMAB folk.  


DR Z recent work includes writing and contributing to Male-to-Female and Female-to-Male transgender courses, offered by the online training program Loveology University®, providing an overview of the transgender experience.  These courses have been added to Loveology University's® comprehensive coaching curriculum: http://www.loveuniv.com/.  She has spoken on Effects of Gender Transition on Sexuality: How does feminizing/masculinizing hormone therapy and genital surgery affect one’s sexual response? at the Los Angeles County Psychological Association and at The Center for Health Sex.


DR Z serves as a consultant to professionals within the field of psychology as well as those outside seeking a better understanding of issue related to Gender Identity and Transgender Mental Health.