Whether you are questioning your gender, thinking about beginning transition, or not sure where to begin, I am here to help. Each individual experiences gender incongruence differently. While some are ready to begin gender transition via HRT (hormone therapy) or surgery, others are not.

There is no right or wrong way to approach gender identity and I can help you figure out what it means to you!

Along the way you will gain insight and self-knowledge about your Self, the true self residing within you.


If you decide that transition is for you, you will gain referrals to a team of medical community, electrologists, voice specialists, make up/hair professionals including:

  • Individual therapy to help you explore your gender identity

  • Help you create an outline of what transition looks like for you and what steps you need to take

  • Provide you with referral letter(s) for transgender related surgical/non-surgical procedures

  • Provide you with documentation for name change

  • Referrals to knowledgeable and skilled local medical providers

  • Connect you to accessibility of local transgender related resources

  • Become a member of a free monthly Male-to-Female or Female-to-Male Support group to help you build your tribe and support network

While there are many LGBTQ friendly therapists out there, only very few exclusively specialize in gender issues. If you are looking for a specialist, I encourage you to set up a complimentary face to face consult with me.