Does Your Vagina Get Drunk When You Drink? / by Dr. Natalia P Zhikhareva

Alcohol is known as an aphrodisiac!  Having one or two drinks (depending on your weight and other factors) can increase sexual desire!  People say that a glass or two of wine makes them feel a little sexier. 

Alcohol has a reputation of making people feel uninhibited.  They feel less shy and more outgoing.  Some people find themselves becoming more open and assertive.

In other words, alcohol acts as a social lubricant.  And while it lubricates your social interactions with others – does it also lubricate you when you need it the most?  That's right, in the bedroom!

Just like with everything else, moderation is a key.  If you’re planning to have sex when you drink, it may help to limit yourself to one glass or two.  Why?  Because metaphorically speaking – your vagina gets drunk when you drink! 

Let me decipher the metaphor.  While alcohol can work wonders for your sex drive one moment, it can easily sabotage it the next. 

So how does alcohol impact the body – and vagina in particular?

Alcohol has a tendency to dehydrate the body.  We all experienced this as we reached for a glass of water in the midst of the night after drinking!  The dehydration can contribute to fatigue and headaches. 

But did you know?  Alcohol can also lead to dreaded vaginal dryness!  Lets face it, when vaginal dryness happens, the excitement and fun tend to dry up along with it! 

If you want to avoid desert island, not drinking alcohol at all or consuming no more than 1 to 2 drinks a night will help you prevent vaginal dryness. 

Of course, things happen.  Even with the best intentions, there may be nights when you drink more than you should – and still want to get frisky!  In that case, keep plenty of water-based lubricants by your nightstand. 

To help you avoid getting yourself and your vagina drunk – understating moderation is a key.  To help you understand what constitutes moderation, this page explains how much is too much for your weight and gender.

What about you?  Have you noticed how alcohol has affected your sexual experiences?  Dare to bare and share? 


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