Go Ahead. . .Put Those Bananas To A Good Use! / by Dr. Natalia P Zhikhareva

So what is the one thing that makes most men go crazy?  That can turn the most powerful men into a whimpering idiot?  Or reduce the most educated linguists to phrases such as “Oh, yeah!”? 

The answer – a good blow job!  Now whether you want to admit it or not, most women, and men, are not naturally good at BJ’s.  Unless you are a pro who practices on a daily basis, I highly recommend obtaining a copy of “Sex Tips For Straight Women From a Gay Man” by Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman.  This book doesn't just cover how to give great oral sex, but gives tips on how to elicit ultimate pleasure in your men.  Here are some parts on BJ basics from the book:

“If you are starting with Mr. Softee, you should have no trouble putting the whole thing in your mouth while you gently suck and lick.  Don't start moving your mouth up and down until he’s at least semierect.  Making a ring around the base of the shaft will help make him hard quicker.”

“Still covering your teeth, and maintaining your pressure, proceed down the shaft as far as you can go in one fell swoop.  Women usually think it’s better to go up and down, letting a little more into their mouths each time.  That’s for amateurs.”

“You can, in fact you should, pause in the middle of a blow job any old time you feel like it.  Stop what you’re doing.  Remove your hands and mouth, and move back up his stomach and chest to his face.  Planting a couple of kisses on his lips, neck and shoulders about now will let him cool down for a few minutes.  Stopping, starting, stopping and starting again will make for a bigger, better and much more powerful orgasm.”

And this are just segments of one chapter!  It also goes into detail on “uncut version” aka uncircumcised!  Interested?  This book is listed on my reading list and you can easily get a cheap copy on Amazon.

Now that you know a little more about BJ’s, go ahead, dare to be bare and put those bananas to a good use!  Remember, practice makes perfect!  Have a technique that works well and are willing to share?  I invite you to participate - lets expand knowledge on sexuality and make it OK to talk about!