To Manscape Pubic Hair or Not? / by Dr. Natalia P Zhikhareva

Manscaping aka to groom a man or cleaning up that superfluous fur has been a common trend among men for a few years now.  It makes me wonder if a monkey was given a razor whether it would proceed to strip itself of that luxurious fur it was inherited with?  Most likely not! 

Yet we as humans are not only eager to remove our body hair but are willing to go to a painful extend to do so.  Not to mention the cost! 

While manscaping body areas such as chest, stomach, legs, arms, and so forth, is a common practice among men, what about the pubic area?  That's right!  What is the deal with de-pubic and how does it relate, or not, to human sexuality?

Manscaping pubic hair is becoming a common trend among the men.  There are variety of reasons men choose to remove their pubic hair and as many reasons to retain it.  Now lets take a closer look at each.


If you saw a hairless dog you would immediately know that something was amiss.  That's because dogs are naturally meant to be furry.  The same goes for humans, seeing a hairless man from head to toe is unnatural. 

Not only is it unnatural, but also some would say unmanly! Now think about puberty.  It is a time when a boy physically stops being a boy and begins to transform into a man.  It’s when the hormones in the body take over and cause changes.

“I’m getting hair in places I’ve never had hair before,” are all the signs of body’s way of transforming a boy into an adult.  That’s why pre-pubescent boys are adorable, asexual beings with no body hair. 

If hair comes from testosterone, and testosterone powers the male sex drive, it only follows that plentiful hair equals sexy!  For this reason many women and men prefer their male partners to remain natural.  Running a hand through that furry chest, back, arms, or genital area can feel incredibly sexy.  It’s one of the most authentic physical signs of masculinity and manliness.


Let me be a devil’s advocate in saying that just like being ‘un natural’ can be sexy so is going bare!  There are many people out there who find man going sleek and smooth hot.  This is true, otherwise I wouldn't be even blogging about this! 

One of the reasons people find smooth genitals sexy is because it enables oral sex to go that much smoother.  After all, you wont have to pick out any strays from your teeth!  Additionally, partners feel that hairless genitals look cleaner and more inviting overall.  For people in a long-term relationship, going bare can spice up sexual life.  Besides, there is nothing wrong with switching up once in a while!

Another reason many men choose manscaping pubic hair, is because it makes their genitals appear bigger!  Forget the notion “size doesn't matter its what you do with it,” because unfortunately, these days we are incredibly obsessed with the visual.  And many men believe that having their genitals smooth, sleeked, and hairless not only makes them seem bigger but also more appetizing to their partners. 

Before you hopefully comment below, and I invite you to do so, let me say the following: choosing to remove all or some of the pubic hair is a personal choice!  As long as you are being true to yourself, bare or not, you can’t go wrong!  And now, I invite you to share your thoughts.

Dare to go bare and share your thoughts on manscaping pubic hair?