5 Reasons To Visit Local Sex Store! / by Dr. Natalia P Zhikhareva


Relax, I promise, you wont have to buy anything at all!  I just want to give you some reasons why visiting a sex shop is a good idea, even just for browsing.  If you never been to a sex store before, well, lets put some of your assumptions aside by saying that a sex shop looks like any other store, except that the products they sell happen to revolve around sex.  Here are some of the reasons why you should visit and re-visit, your local sex store!

1. Lets first clear the air out by saying that your initial visit won’t be as scary as you think it might be!

Sure it might feel intimidating, or a little awkward.  But remember, everyone else is there for the same reason as you are.  Feelings of discomfort, if you take time to pay attention to, can reveal a wealth of information about yourself.  Just like thermometer measures temperature in the room, feelings not only let us know what we feel at the given moment, but upon analysis, can lead to learning more about ourselves.  If you find yourself feeling excited and fascinated by looking at the bondage material, ask yourself why?  Surprise, surprise, perhaps you have uncovered your fetish!  Feeling uncomfortable touching and examining sex toys in the store?  Hey what’s that about?  Maybe you are afraid of how others might perceive you.  In other words, allow yourself to explore what feelings arise as you browse through the sex store and don't be afraid to examine them!

2. Think sex stores only sell vibrators? Think again!

People often assume that vibrators are the only products sold at the sex shop.  While a wide variety of vibrators are sold by the sex store, there is much more offered.  Expect to encounter intimate apparel, lingerie, candles, massage lotions, pornography magazines, videos, and books, and other adult novelties.  Remember, the employees of the sex store are not only friendly, but well informed and endlessly helpful!

3. Go ahead, drag your partner along! 

Going to the sex store with your partner is an excellent way to bond.  Just how well you might ask?  Try spending an hour browsing oils, lingerie, and handcuffs without getting a little worked up.  Taking your partner along is also a great way of learning about each other sexual interests and it opens up doors to take it even further, sharing your fantasies!

4. That sex toy you wanted to order online?  Well now you can check it out in person!

That's right, with so many sex toys online, checking out toys in person is more informative.  Most of the stores offer sample toys on display that you can personally touch to and see how it operates.  This is a great way to pick out the right product that meets your needs.  You also get an instant gratification of leaving the store with the product in hands!

5. Finally, sex stores are the one of the few 100% judgment-free zones in the world!

Yup, and if you think the salesperson is judging, remember what I said earlier about your feelings!  They are more likely to be about your self and your inner fears.  So if you got any hangups, try either leaving them at the door, or at least attempt to be brave enough to turn the mirror around!

Dare to be bare and visit or re-visit your local sex store?  Go ahead, give it a shot, you’d be surprised by what your experience will be like!  Want to share your own experiences - comment below to start a conversation!