Dos & Don'ts Of Anal Sex! / by Dr. Natalia P Zhikhareva

First, let me clarify. Anal sex should not be painful.  No, enjoying anal sex doesn't make someone gay.  If you have no desire to try anal sex, don’t.  OK, here we go.

Anal sex can be incredibly pleasurable.  The anus has a high concentration of nerve endings, hence, you new erogenous zone.  Anus shares a wall between the prostate (male G-spot) and G-spot for females.  Indirect stimulation of this wall during anal sex leads to more pleasure!

Anal sex beginners often make two most common mistakes.  Enter too fast, ouch!  Do no use lubrication, hello!

As a result, recipient partners vow to never try anal sex again.  The painful memory is so deeply engraved that brushing against butt can be traumatizing. 

If you never tried anal sex, well you are missing a whole other dimension!  And if you are brave enough to try it again - I applaud you!  In either case, read below steps to get the knowledge you need for a pain free, pleasurable, first timer!

1. Get cleaned up.

Forget spontaneous anal sex you see in porn.  In reality, some preparation often takes place.  If you prefer not to, keep some clean wipes handy.  For deep cleaning there are two ways - anal douching or enema. 

2. Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate – and I don't mean saliva!

Everyone needs to lubricate for anal sex!  While the vagina self-lubricates, the anus does not.  Avoid oil lubricants, too much clean up.  Stick to water based or silicon based.  Note, silicon based will last longer and wont dry up as fast.  Check out my favorite sex store Pleasure Chest for lubes! 

3. Start slowly!

Easy does it!  If you are not ready for a penis or a dildo to enter, begin with a finger.  Get comfortable.  Relax your PC (pubococcygeus) muscles as much as possible.  Let your butt sex-phobia go!  If by this time you are freaking out and about to go into panic mode – STOP.  Remember, you are doing this for your own pleasure.  I do not endorse psychological pain at the expense of pleasing your partner. 

4. It’s going to feel like you are pooping – you are NOT!

Yes, there I said it.  The initial feeling that most experience is “I am going to poop.”  You won’t!  For some, this feeling fades.  The trick is to relax, relax, relax.  I know it’s hard.  Especially when you have poop on your mind.  But with time, this will go away. 

5. Under no circumstances, switch to vaginal sex!

Unless you’re using a condom that you can change, don’t assume it’s OK to switch.  Bacteria from anus can be very harmful to vagina.  Learn to say no to ass-to-vaginal sex!

6. Butt farts?

Afterwards, you may experience the joy of butt farts!  No, they are not actual farts!  This happen due to the air being trapped – so just relax!

7. Final suggestion.

If you despise it, hate it, feel disgusted – don't do it!  Despite anus being erogenous zone, it is not for everyone! 

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of anal sex for beginners – do you dare to go bare?  Been there done that?  I invite you to share your tips in the comment box.  Don’t be shy!  Remember, information = empowerment!