4 Sexy Ingredients To Spice Up Your Weekend! / by Dr. Natalia P Zhikhareva

There are foods that boost energy and help memory.  And there are aphrodisiac foods that enhance your sex life!  No, I am not talking about oysters, strawberries, or chocolate.  Yes, these are the most common sexy foods that come to mind.  But guess what?  There are other incredibly sexy foods equally – if not more so – spice up your libido!

Talk about spicing it up, let’s begin with the hottest – literally – of all!


Hot chilies posses a chemical – capsaicin – found in fiery peppers.  This chemical increases circulation to get blood pumping and stimulates nerve endings so you’ll feel more turned on.  Chilies are also exotic both in form and their bright red color.  Apart from their sexy appeal, chili peppers stimulate endorphins – the brains feel good chemicals.  Planning to cook this weekend?  Spice it up with chilies both on the plate and in the bedroom!



OH what a perfect combo!  Just look at the sexy shape of avocado and asparagus.  This perfect duo is packed with vitamin E.  Vitamin E in turn helps your body produce hormones: testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.  These hormones circulate in your bloodstream, stimulating sexual responses.  Especially in women, enhances clitoral swelling and vaginal lubrication.  Yum!  Eat up!


Looking for a natural Viagra effect?  A Texas University study found watermelon juice contains the phytonutrient citrulline, which leads to an uptick in the amount of nitric oxide in your body.  The uptick causes blood vessels to relax and speeds up circulation.  As a result – a natural Viagra – helping you get aroused in less time! 


To finalize your meal, dip your spoons into vanilla flavored ice cream!  Vanilla is both sensual and delicious.  You really can’t go wrong!  The benefit; vanilla stimulates nerves, making sexual sensations feel even better.  So go ahead.  Cuddle up on the couch with your loved one and share a scoop of vanilla and more!

Cooking tonight?  Grab a few or all of the ingredients outlined above to enhance your sexual life! 


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What are some of you favorite aphrodisiac foods not mentioned above?