7 Surprising Facts About Masturbation! / by Dr. Natalia P Zhikhareva

Masturbation have had a bad rap due to its history.  Most of which contains many bizarre ‘facts.’  Masturbation has been claimed to cause blindness.  Insanity.  Acne.  And even hair loss! 

Some crazy ‘facts’ indeed – as many of us know from experience – none of us became blind or insane! 

Masturbation has been both the most detested and most commonly practiced sexual behavior.  For many people, it is still a taboo topic.  For others, the myth has enlisted feelings of guilt, shame and fear.

As a myth buster, I enjoy nothing more than just that – busting the myth!  So let’s get the facts straight.

For starters, masturbation is a natural and common activity for both women and men.  Studies show that about 7 out of 10 men and more than 5 out of 10 women masturbate. 

If you still think masturbation is a waste of time, here are 7 interesting facts to consider:

1.  Masturbation has proven health benefits.  Some of the benefits to consider:

  • Reduce stress
  • Healthier pelvic muscles
  • Secretion of endorphins
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase the ability to have orgasms

2.  Got menstrual cramps?  Forget Advil!  Masturbating is one of the most effective natural ways to relieve menstrual cramps.

3.  Humans aren’t the only ones with ‘an itch to scratch!’  Deer, monkeys, walruses, and squirrels – just to name a few – have been documented pleasing themselves.

4.  Feel like you are getting a cold?  Studies have shown orgasms from masturbation can strengthen your immune system.  Now that's what I call a Vitamin Boost!

5.  People who masturbate report having happier marriage, relationships – and lives in general – versus those who refuse to self-please.

6.  Masturbation increases your sexual life with your partner.  How so?  It is one of the best ways to explore your sexuality.  It helps discover the types of touch we like the most, how to get excited and how to reach orgasm.  And when your confidence and comfort about your body is high, it is easier to let your partner know what you like.

7.  Do I even need to mention masturbation is STD free?!  Or that you can’t get pregnant – hence – the perfect birth control.  So go ahead, indulge, explore, and play!


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Dare to bare myths you were taught about masturbation?