Get More Out of Your Prostate! / by Dr. Natalia P Zhikhareva

The prostate gland is about the size of a walnut.  It is located directly below a male’s bladder.  Composed of smooth muscle fibers and glandular tissue, the prostate is vital to the strength of a man’s sperm.  Just how?

During ejaculation, the prostate contributes fluid to the final composition of semen - comprised of 30% of a male’s ejaculate. The prostate’s secretion is a milky alkaline substance essential for the sperm’s survival outside the male body!

Only men have a prostate – and did you know – some men enjoy prostate stimulation!  Yup!  The prostate massage aka the P-spot.

Stimulation of the P-spot may lead to a unique version of orgasm.  This can be both penetrative stimulation and external stimulation.


Yes, if you want your P-spot stimulated, the only route to reach the prostate is the anus.  Some men associate prostate stimulation and enjoyment of it with homosexuality.  If you are reading this, and find yourself in this category, a visit to a psychotherapist to discuss your associations might be a good start! 

Having the prostate gland stimulated via insertion of a finger or a dildo does not in any way make a straight man into a gay one!  Nothing makes you gay or straight or bi.  People are born with predisposed sexual preference.

Now back to the prostate – for those interested in exploring.  The best way to stimulate the prostate is to insert a well-lubricated index finger to the second knuckle inside of the anus.  Use a “come hither” motion, similar to the way the female G-spot is stimulated. 

Additionally, vibrators or even certain dildos made specifically to pleasure the prostate may be of use when stimulating the prostate.  And yes, there are now a variety of anal sex toys that have been designed specifically for prostate stimulation.  Check out the Aneros!


The external stimulation of the prostate gland is done by massaging the perineum.  This area is located between the anus and the scrotum.  During sexual arousal and excitement the area may become more sensitive.  Some people find perineum massage highly pleasurable.

Keep in mind, while for men, massaging the perineum can provide external stimulation of the prostate, women – yes women – also have a perineal area!  In women, it is the area between the bottom of the vaginal opening and the anus.

Remember, while some men will find prostate stimulation highly enjoyable – others – might not!  Some might even find it irritating or painful.  Make sure to either discuss P-spot stimulation with your man or pay attention to his body language, expression, or outright verbal cues as you make your first finger insertion.


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