Most trans people view transition as some form of physical body modification via hormones and/or surgery.  People undergo this process in order to fully live as a different gender than the one assigned them at birth, modifying their bodies to match their internal sense of who they are.

While there are people who view transition as a set of stages, I believe it is a non-linear process.

I view transition as a process that results in a paradigm shift in how a person experiences gender, regardless of whether they end up transitioning physically or not. 

Coming to understand gender as an identity, is the a key first step in asking yourself:

  • Now that I've realized I'm not completely content with my birth gender role or biological sex, can I find a way to make it work anyway?
  • Is there a way to expand my gender role to suit me?
  • Do I need to transition physically via hormones and/or surgery?

Every step of the way, I encourage you to check in with yourself.  Is this enough?  The path of transition is not linear!  Nor is it a "cookie cutter" one-size-fits-all process.

The key question is "How do you want to live your life?" and "Have you gone far enough with your transition to be happy with your gender identity?"