Trans people are individuals who strongly feel that they are, or ought to be, the opposite sex.  The body they were born with does not match their own inner conviction and mental image of who they are or want to be. 

Nor are they comfortable with the gender role society expects them to play based on that body.

This dilemma often causes individuals intense emotional distress and anxiety and often interferes with their daily living.

Most people were painfully aware of their gender incongruity from early childhood, while others become aware in early to late adulthood.

Trans identity cannot be attributed by others!  It is your own deeply held conviction and deeply felt inner awareness how you identify on a gender spectrum.

Trans identity is private and internal.  It is felt, not seen.  It cannot be deduced from how a person looks, moves, dresses, or behaves.  The only way to know a person's gender identity is if they tell you!




Most trans people view transition as some form of physical body modification via hormones and/or surgery.  People undergo this process in order to fully live as a different gender than the one assigned them at birth, modifying their bodies to match their internal sense of who they are.

While there are people who view transition as a set of stages, I believe it is a non-linear process.

I view transition as a process that results in a paradigm shift in how a person experiences gender, regardless of whether they end up transitioning physically or not. 

Coming to understand gender as an identity, is the a key first step in asking yourself:

  • Now that I've realized I'm not completely content with my birth gender role or biological sex, can I find a way to make it work anyway?
  • Is there a way to expand my gender role to suit me?
  • Do I need to transition physically via hormones and/or surgery?

Every step of the way, I encourage you to check in with yourself.  Is this enough?  The path of transition is not linear!  Nor is it a "cookie cutter" one-size-fits-all process.

The key question is "How do you want to live your life?" and "Have you gone far enough with your transition to be happy with your gender identity?"




Are you a transgender woman? Have you started, contemplating, or are currently going through a transition?

If you answered yes, this group is for you!

Welcome to Transition and Beyond! A free twice-a-month support group for transgender identified Male-to-Female individuals addressing:

  • transition
  • sex affirming surgery
  • hormones
  • disclosure
  • femininity
  • loss of male privilege
  • resources, support & so much more!

To receive updates on upcoming meetings and to RSVP, you can become a member for free on Meetup.com website.   Locate us directly here at meet up!



disclaimer: I like to recommend services I have either crossed checked myself, or services referred by people I know and trust in the transgender community.  I would like to especially thank St.John's Transgender Health Program for sharing their resources and brochures.  Click selected links below to access their website.

transgender medical health services - specifically HRT

St. John's Transgender Health Program - click HERE for brochure

UCLA Gender Health Program

Los Angeles LGBT Center

The Center for Transyouth Health and Development at Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Metamorphosis Medical Center - Dr. Vierregger

Urology Group of Southern California

surgery: vaginoplasty

Dr Christine McGinn, DO - New Hope, Pennsylvania

Dr Toby Meltzer, MD - Scottsdale, Arizona

Dr Alexander Sinclair, MD - Beverly Hills & Whittier, CA

Dr Marci Bowers, MD - Burlingame, CA

Dr Curtis Crane, MD & Dr Thomas Satterwhite - San Francisco, CA

Dr Gary J. Alter, MD - Beverly Hills, CA

surgery: phalloplasty

Dr Curtis Crane, MD & Dr Thomas Satterwhite - San Francisco, CA

surgeons: accepting LA Care

Dr Afshin Parchiscar, MD - San Ramon, CA

Dr Roger Friedenthal, MD, FACS - San Francisco, CA

Dr Orna Fisher, MD - Mountain View, CA

Dr Patrick Lang, MD - San Francisco CA

Dr Jason Dudas, MD - San Mateo, CA

Dr Howard Sutkin, MD, FACS - San Jose, CA

Dr Daryl Hoffman, MD - Palo Alto, CA

Dr Edward Lee, MD - Los Altos, CA

Dr Evan Ransom, MD - San Francisco, CA

surgeons: out-of-network

Dr James Newman, MD - Half Moon Bay, CA

Dr Manu Gujrati, MD - Modesto, CA

professional life coaching and transition coach

Billy White Acre - CPC, ELI-MP

laser clinic

ProLase Med Spa & Laser Clinic


Layla's Electrolysis and Skin Care

Mandala Electrolysis Hair Removal

Lisa Rulli, L.E. - Electrologist

Sabrena Smith Electrology

Zap Electrolysis

Mary's Body AEsthetica Med Spa


waxing services

My Little Wax Bar & Felicia's Skincare

make up services & lessons

Monique Powers

trans* empower program - tailored to address the needs of the transgender
person that is seeking access to education and employment at St. John's

click HERE for a brochure on the program

name and gender change

St. John's Transgender Clinic - click HERE for a brochure on the program

For a private out of pocket cost for name and gender change - The Law Office of Amira Hasenbush

victim support services at St. John's

click HERE for a brochure on the program

transgender websites offering resources

transsexual road map

susan's place transgender resources

support groups

transition & beyond support group for MtF - click HERE for brochure

transforming family support group

transgender mini support group at St. John's - click HERE for brochure

transgender community night at St. John's

click HERE for brochure on the program