Therapists often make a mistake of assuming everyone who presents with gender discomfort is a transgender person, needing to undergo immediate transition. The truth is, gender is a broad spectrum and realizing where your sense of who you are fits on that spectrum, requires a knowledge of a seasoned therapist.

Having an understanding of gender(s) and how it relates to the way we see ourselves and interact with the world, is a specialty. Requiring knowledge and years of experience to be able to tell a difference in transgender, gender non-binary, gender non-conforming, and other forms of gender expression.

Analogies to seeing a cardiovascular doctor when presenting with heart issues versus a generalist, having an expert in the field work with you, is important.

I work on individual basis. I do not cheerlead you into transition, unless, you are clear that it is your goal! Many individuals seeking my help are unsure where they fit on the gender continuum. While others are certain they identify as transgender and want to start transition but don’t know where to begin. Some engage in cross dressing and want to clarify how cross dressing may be related to their sense of who they are. Not everyone needs, nor should, begin transition.

I am very passionate about my work and I am incredibly sensitive and attuned to your individual needs at the moment. Exploring gender identity is an individualized process. With my knowledge in clinical psychology combined with exclusive focus and expertise in gender issues, I will help, guide, and support you throughout the process. Visit In the Media for a list of my expertise and experience.