Wondering if you identify as transgender? Nonbinary? Afraid you might not pass or be seen for who you are?


Not feeling comfortable with your gender occupies a big portion of your mind. 

Creates anxiety, depression, and feelings of gender dysphoria. Interferes with your relationships.

Talking to someone, often for the first time, helps ease these feelings.  Even if you are not ready to take any steps, letting someone in on your secret helps.

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Each individual experiences gender incongruence differently. While some are ready to begin gender transition via HRT (hormone therapy) or surgery, others are not.

While there are many LGBTQ friendly therapists out there, only very few exclusively specialize in gender issues. If you are looking for a gender specialist, here is why working with specialist is beneficial to you!



It can be challenging to find a gender specialist outside of Los Angeles to talk to. It is important to me to make my expertise as accessible as possible for you!

With latest health technology, we can videochat wherever you may be.

Utilizing encrypted and HIPPA compliant platform, videochat is a secure way for us to meet and explore questions and concerns about your gender identity.

Online therapy is only available to individuals who are residents of California