Nonbinary. Consider Microdosing T.


Want a subtle masculine appearance? Mild redistribution of fat? Hardening of facial features?

Consider microdosing testosterone.

What is microdosing? Exactly what it sounds. Taking low doses of testosterone.

HRT regiment is becoming more popular among nonbinary people and others seeking subtle changes to their appearance.

It’s true. Nonbinary identity is difficult to express. It is an invisible handicap as mentioned in To Be Seen: A Nonbinary Struggle for Validity.

Not passing and being misgendered as a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’ takes a toll. Resulting in nonbinbary people considering HRT transition to masculinize feminine features.

But many nonbinary people wanting to start T, don’t desire full blown masculine effects. Totally legit.

Only you know how far in masculinization you want to go. Microdosing T will help you get closer to the desired gender expression.

Did you know microdosing exists?

Many nonbinary people don’t. And it does.

The biggest mistake made is assuming HRT transition entails a full dose of T. For this reason people avoid visiting a medical provider to discuss transition. Another mistake made is assuming HRT is for trans men seeking to fully masculinize their body.

Not true. WPATH guidelines for HRT and surgery are written for Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming people.

A good provider knows this. A knowledgeable provider will even discuss microdosing with you.

HRT regiment drastically varies from person to person.

One person starts on a full dose to masculinize as quickly as possible. Another starts slow and gradually builds up. Others microdose until desired results achieved.

If you are seeking minor changes to your physical characteristics, consider microdosing. It helps with passibility, feeling more confident, and your overall well being.

Don’t be afraid to discuss microdosing with provider. Keep in mind microdosing results vary. Some are able to achieve exactly what they needed, others may not. As with any medical intervention, seek medical guidance.

Nonbinary identity is valid, requiring medical treatment to help alleviate dysphoria and feelings of discomfort.

Transgender Medical Health Services lists California providers open to microdozing.

WPATH Provider Directory helps find providers in other states familiar with WPATH guidelines.