about me

In many ways, life has led me to psychology.  In my own life, I have encountered many challenges.  Battling cancer is perhaps the biggest struggle I have had to overcome. 

Personal encounter with pain and suffering taught me the power of therapy.  It is a powerful tool that allows one to be heard.  It gives voice to unheard fears and tell stories that have never been told.  Simply put, it heals.

And so began my life path. 

I earned a Doctor of Clinical Psychology degree from the Pacifica Graduate Institute and a Master Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis & Clark College.  I hold a license of clinical psychology in the state of California (PSY28888).

I specialize in helping people understand their gender identity and I help facilitate a smooth and informative transition for them.  I have founded the Hormone Readiness Group for trans youth living in Portland, OR and currently facilitate Transition & Beyond support group for transwomen in LA.

Additionally, I have extensive experience working with LGBTQ population and have completed training at the University of Michigan School of Social Work in Sex Therapy. 

My publications include dissertation "Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Projective Drawings of Pre-Operative Male-to-Female Transgendered Individuals Perception of Their Genitalia."

I wrote on topics of sexuality, intimacy, relationship, sexual orientation, and gender identity under Naked Blog. 

I am a member of Los Angeles County Psychological Association and World Professional Association for Transgender Health.