The Ugly Truth Behind Spiro.


If you are feminizing via HRT, chances are you’re on Spiro. If you plan to feminize via HRT, you will be prescribed Spiro.

At least 90% percent of the time. Hey don’t quote me. This are just simple statistics I whipped out of thin air after breathing it for over a decade.

Spironolactone or Spiro is an androgen blocker prescribed in US for feminizing hormone therapy. It works by reducing testosterone levels and by reducing body’s response to testosterone.

And who wouldn’t dream of lower T levels? If only it didn’t come at such high cost to your physical AND mental health!

Already wondering why doctors prescribe it at all? So do I. One of the main reasons is lack of medically necessary research in transgender medicine, or so I believe.

Without research, there is little room for improvement. And that’s a shame. Because patients on Spiro have been talking loud and clear about the side effects.

But are we listening? Beverly Cosgrove did. She continuous to listen via her FaceBook group MTF Trans HRT Hormone Forum.

Over the years observing (wait don’t we call it longitudinal study?) numerous personal accounts, Beverly started to document. She observed a pattern. A correlation among individuals taking Spiro.

As with all of her writing, Beverly has done a thorough job on Spiro. Including what little research she could find to reference her observations.

If you are, or plan to feminize via HRT, reading THE CASE AGAINST SPIRONOLACTONE is a MUST!

And if you have any personal concerns about taking Spiro, always talk to your medical doctor about your options.