Don’t Play Doctor With Your HRT.


Starting hormone transition is often the first step on the road to your true gender identity.

It’s exciting. Liberating. And scary for some.

There is an eagerness to quickly feminize or masculinize. A desire for change. Change now!

All understandable. So when a doctor puts you on a standard protocol of HRT, one starts a game of comparison.

Discussing their HRT regimen with others. Often on social media. Or finding blog posts, similar to the one I wrote, The Ugly Truth Behind Spiro.

Suddenly, everyone is playing doctor! Lowering. Increasing. Sometimes abruptly stopping taking medication without any discussion with a medical provider.

Need I say how dangerous that is? It is! And it can be fatal. There is a reason your HRT is medically prescribed and not administered over-the-counter.

And a reason why your regimen is different from your bestie or a buddy on Facebook. Because no one is 100% alike.

Your regimen will differ based on number of factors. Age. Medical history. Current health conditions. Personal transition goals. Including your doctor’s experience in gender care.

Sure your friends and others will chime in and offer their opinion. Give advice on what your dosage should be. My blog posts will point out dangerous side effects from taking Spiro as well as the benefits of considering progesterone.

Transgender and gender diverse community often know more about HRT regiment than a doctor. And that’s a sad truth. Meddling with prescribed medication can be dangerous to your health. And that’s a sad truth.

All of it is just information! It is there to inform. To help you have a greater understanding of positive and negative outcomes.

The information is there to help you be more knowledgeable. If anything, it should be a starting point for discussion between you and your doctor.

Find yourself concerned about HRT regimen? Please discuss it with your doctor. Think your dosage should be increased? Please discuss it with your doctor. Wonder if progesterone can increase your breast size? Please discuss it with your doctor.

But doctors don’t all listen, you say. They dismiss any information. They refuse to make changes to your regimen.

Yes, sadly that can be true. Changing doctors may not be an option. Finding a knowledgable and receptive doctor may be a struggle.

If you find yourself in need of a new provider, looking at WPATH provider list in your area is a good start!

Please be mindful of your personal health and safety. Taking matters into your own hands when it comes to a prescribed medication can cost you your health, even your life!

The quickest route to feminize or masculinize is not worth it when your health is concerned! Recognize that transition takes time. It is a process.



Dr. Natalia P Zhikhareva